Comedy Magic Programs

Bring magical fun and excitement to your next event with Brad Brown’s mind-blowing magic and side-splitting comedy. Your group will be engaged, laughing, and actively involved in making the magic happen. Brad’s programs are specifically designed to be entertaining, full of clean humor, and easy for the meeting planner.

Entertaining Magic for Corporate and Private Events

Brad understands that his job is not to fool people, but to entertain them. Brad Brown combines his astounding magic with his dry wit to create a uniquely amazing entertainment experience. His programs can include everything from escapes, to comedy magic, to skillful sleight of hand.

Full of Clean Humor

You don’t want to bring in an entertainer who may offend or embarrass people in your group. At the same time, it has got to be funny. (Yes, it is possible to be both clean and funny.) Brad knows how to make adults laugh, without resorting to “adult humor.”

Having a family event? No problem. Brad can tailor his program to ensure there’s  plenty for every age group present to enjoy.

family-audienceComedy Magic Stage Show

Brad’s one-man stage show is the perfect program for major events. It has the audience laughing and actively participating in making the magic happen. It includes effects like producing a real bowling ball from nowhere, attempting Houdini’s challenge 50-foot rope escape, and cutting off an audience member’s head.

Although the program works well on stage, it doesn’t require a “real” stage. It also works well in banquet halls and similar settings. The stage show typically lasts 45 to 75 minutes, depending on what’s appropriate for the event. 

“Lite” Comedy Show

The “lite” version of the program is designed for smaller audiences, and smaller budgets.  It leaves out the larger props from the stage show, but leaves in the mystery, comedy, and fun.

The result is a smaller, more intimate  magic program that can be done anywhere, under almost any conditions. It features magic using everyday objects like cards, rope, ribbons and tissue paper. This program generally runs 30 to 45 minutes.